Stuck with IPv6 configuration

  • I can't get IPv6 with static IP's working on my LAN.

    I have 2B08:880:253::/48 assigned from my ISP. I assigned pfSense Master (pfm) WAN 2B08:880:253::3/48, pfSense Slave (pfs) WAN 2B08:880:253::4/48. Gateway is 2B08:880:253::1. I created a VIP-CARP on 2B08:880:253::2. From the pfSense servers I can ping IPv6 addresses like

    I set pfm-LAN to 2B08:990:254:1::2/48, pfs-LAN to 2B08:990:254:1::3/48 and created a VIP-CARP 2B08:990:254:1::1/48 (I also tried the LAN settings with /64).

    The I set up my Debian hosts as follow:
    #ipv6 configuration
    iface eth0 inet6 static
           address 2B08:990:254:1::100
           netmask 64
           gateway 2B08:990:254:1::1
           dns-nameservers 2B08:990:254:1::1
    Also tried both /48 and /64 here.

    I can ping6 the pfSense servers, but I can't ping6 anything on the WAN side. I've tried numerous combinations of IP-addresses and subnet masks, but whatever I do, I can't reach the internet.

    I really need some suggestions how to set up my networks for IPv6.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You should have been given two subnets. One, a /64 or smaller between you and your ISP for routing/interconnect.

    Second, your /48 should be routed to your WAN-side CARP VIP.

    Only then can you use addresses from any section of the /48 on your LAN.

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