Reverse HTTPS Proxy ultimate frustation! Help!

  • I've been pulling my hair out for three days on this and can't seem to make any sort of progress.

    I need reverse HTTPS proxy for both Exchange 2013 and ADFS (Port 443 identity service) and can't make any headway.

    1. It seems both haproxy and squid3 require a wildcard cert for HTTPS traffic, which won't work in my situation
    2. proxy with mod_security looks like it would work, but I cannot get the service to start (I have tried loading modules and adding modules to startup and nothing works, so this seems to be a no-go
    3. apache w/mod_security would probably work too, but it won't successfully install on pfsense.

    Is there any hope for me?

  • The HAProxy-devel package can work ok with multiple certificates for different (sub-)domains. Just create multiple "shared" frontends and assign certificates to each.

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