Installation on Dell R210

  • Hi. I want to install pfsense on DELL R210 Server on a large envirnment and I wonder if the hardware of this server is (Raid controller etc) is ok for installing pfsense. I do not want to buy it and have a problem then  :-\

  • It's mostly going to be the RAID card and network card(s) that will give you the most trouble. Version 2.0.x is based on FreeBSD 8.1 while version 2.1 is based on FreeBSD 8.3. You'll have better luck for new driver support in 2.1. If you really want to get down and dirty, check the FreeBSD HCL and see if the device is supported. I can tell you this has come up before and the H200 RAID card is NOT supported in 2.0.x (FreeBSD 8.1) but is supported in 2.1 (FreeBSD 8.3). Do you know what RAID card and network cards you plan to configure it with?


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