Multi-site Multi-WAN vpn to MSP's CiscoASA

  • I have 2 pfsense 2.03 sites that connect to a cisco asa (which I do not have access to).  I want to setup my two sites with Multi-WAN, then add a fail over VPN.  Since I do not have access to the Cisco ASA (If I have to I can call into this MSP's support queue to have changes made, but I'd rather not if possible), would I be able to route traffic across my to locations destined for the ASA's LAN?

    Site 1 WAN1 –VPN--
                                   ---- MSP's CiscoASA
    Site 2 WAN1 --VPN-- /

    Site 1 WAN1 --VPN--
    Site 1 WAN2              
            VPN                  MSP Network (CiscoASA)
              ||                  /
    Site 2 WAN2              /
    Site 2 WAN1 --VPN-- /

    So when Site 2 WAN1 goes down, it will route traffic to MSP's Network via Site 1 VPN?

    Sorry if this is confusing, I am open to any recommendation.

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