IS this hardware compatible?

  • First let me say WOW! love what this software can do. (Only from youtube videos)

    I am new to this whole pfsense stuff and would love to make my own system for it.

    Here is what I want:
    6 10/100/1000 connections
    Dual Band Wifi (2.5Ghz and 5.0Ghz)
    Removable flash memory (CF or SD or microSD)

    This is what I am looking at:
    Jetway NF9G-QM77 With 4GB RAM 2.6Ghz Prossessor.
    Jetway 4x Intel 1GB LAN Module
    Mini PCIe to Dual micro SD Only use one slot.
    Dual Band mPCI Card - Atheros DNMA92

    Is that hardware compatible?

    Ya I know its a costly build, but I don't mind overkill. I would rather have tom much power than not enought for add-ons.

    Thoughts, Suggestions, Comments?


    • Albert

  • @almulder:

    Is that hardware compatible?

    Some issues for you to explore:
    1. What Intel NIC chips are on the daughter card? They MIGHT be too new to be supported.
    2. Are you planning to use micro-SD cards as boot devices? If so, does the BIOS support booting from your chosen mPCIe adapter?
    3. If you expect the system to do a lot of disk i/o (e.g. busy web cache, steady paging or swapping) you would probably be much better off using storage designed to provide many write cycles (SLC CF card, SSD) rather than consumer grade memory cards

  • Netgate Administrator

    I'll add to what Wallabybob said that wifi card may or may-not be supported (it's hard to say) but only under 2.1Beta and then only at 'G' speeds.
    The most recent info is here:
    However pfSense has a backport of that from FreeBSD 9 to 8.3.


  • the daughtercard uses "standard" 82574L's, I'd be curious about the jetway bus they're connected to and if it's actually capable of 4Gbps.

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