11 FOR SALE: SuperMicro SYS-5015A-EHF 1U Intel Atom D510 Dual Gigabit LAN

  • Anyone else running these?  Complaints?  Praises?


    I have 11 of them for sale.  They have the Intel Atom D510 processor with 2gig of memory already installed.

  • When I was deciding on new box for firewall machine, it was the Supermicro you listed or a Dell T110.  Since I'm cheap and the Dell was on sale for $299, I went with the Dell.  The Supermicro is $329 plus hard drive(or 2) plus memory, say + $150 give or take?  It just could not beat the Dell in price (and the Dell ships with a 1 TB drive!) even though I wanted it more (classic right vs. left brain decision).  We'll see how that goes as the Dell is due in tomorrow. :)

    I did research the SM box a lot and all the reviews were excellent, especially when used as a pfSense firewall, DHCP server and Squid proxy server.  Low cost, quiet, low power usage…yeah, it's a very nice 1u box!  I would toss in a 64 gig SSD, 2 gig RAM and just let it run had I opted for it.  Oh well, always room for another server, right?  LOL

    Good luck and let us know how it goes if you pull the trigger on it.

  • I just came across 13 of these used, and wanting to sell 11 of them or so.  If you know of anyone that wants one, pm me.

    ![noname (Medium).jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/noname (Medium).jpg)
    ![noname (Medium).jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/noname (Medium).jpg_thumb)

  • I have been using one just fine. No issues running snort and a lot of other addons. Going through a gig per hour on bandwidth atleast and holds up fine.

  • My asking price is $100 each plus UPS shipping to your zipcode.  They come with 2gig of memory already, and Ive heard these boxes can accept up to 8gig with the right memory installed.

    This model is still being sold on newegg.com for example, so you can see the specs and price difference between new and used.


  • Wait, that NewEgg link is for the -EHF variant (no IPMI), not -PHF. Can you clarify which of the two you're selling?

  • You are right, I grabbed the wrong link.  This is model SYS-5015A-EHF, which does not have IPMI.  I will correct the title.

  • These DO come with 2gig of ram.  Both slots are filled with 1gig each.

  • 4 servers left.

  • All gone.  :)

  • ah boo, missed this :(

    let me know if you come across another unit that you would like to sell :)

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