Bungled install?

  • Since my upgrade to 2.0.3 when I reboot my pfS I see the following text:

    Stopping package squid…done.
    Stopping package OpenVPN Client Export Utility...done.
    Stopping package NRPE v2...done.
    Stopping package pfBlocker...done.
    Stopping package Sarg...done.
    Stopping package snort...done.
    Stopping package Dansguardian...done.
    Stopping /usr/local/etc/rc.d/dansguardian.sh...done.
    Stopping /usr/local/etc/rc.d/nrpe2.sh...done.
    Stopping /usr/local/etc/rc.d/sqp_monitor.sh...done.

    In the past, I have never seen the bottom three lines where it lists the package in terms of the *.sh.  Is the install of (at least) those three packages (Dans, nrpe, sqp_monitor) messed up or is that "normal" now?


  • sqp_monitor is a process that runs in the background, checks for and restarts squid if it goes missing. That name is new in the latest version of squid (I think it used to be called prcmon).
    I am a bit surprised that dansguardian and nrpe2 appear at the end - I thought that the 2.0.n code handled matching the names in a case-insensitive manner. But it doesn't do any harm stopping things twice.
    The behaviour has been fixed in 2.1 so that packages can have "user-friendly"  names like "NRPE v2" and also an internal name like "nrpe2" that can match their service name and the start/stop script name etc.

  • Thanks, Phil.D, for the reassurance.  I've had some weird issues over the weeks that I can't always nail down and i'm just hunting for anything and everything that I don't recognize (… which is a lot!)  :-)

    Thanks again.

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