Is this message a type or is this a bug?

  • When changing the LAN subnet I get this message right before pressing Apply:

    **The LAN configuration has been changed.
    You must apply the changes in order for them to take effect.

    Don't forget to adjust the DHCP Server range if needed after applying.**

    The last line is misleading because one should change the DHCP Server range before pressing apply or you get locked out for good.

    My suggestion: Make the change of DHCP range automatic so when LAN subnet is changed the DHCP range changes automatically so admin doesn't get locked out.

  • The message is correct for the behavior. You can't change the dhcp range until you apply. IIRC, it changed in 2.x- it used to give you the opportunity to change the dhcp range before applying. I find it easier to use the console option now. You can always static a workstation to get back in and change dhcp, but it was easier to change the LAN subnet from the GUI in 1.2.3.

  • No, this message is not in the right place. This shows up after saving the interface with new subnet and it's waiting APPLY. But before this APPLY is press DHCP range should be changed or else one locks out.

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