Cheap Managed Switch - GS108E

  • I have been looking for a cheap managed switch gigabit to enable use of VLAN's on my network without breaking the bank.

    After some searching I have found the Netgear GS108E Prosafe Plus for less than £28 which seems a real bargain. The only issue I have seen mentioned is that it uses a proprietary software to configure it remotely - rather than telnet / web access. Provided this works ok I don't see any downside.

    Just wanted to check whether anyone has any first hand experience of this switch - and can comment on its use with pfS, or general networking?


  • I have this switch and 3 of its brothers: GS105E, GS108PEv2 and GS116E. You are right; it uses the proprietary Prosafe Plus Configuration Utility. Works fine for me in my home office setup. I have a sprinkling of Laptops, Phones, Mobile Phones, Camera, Set top Boxes and file server on VLANs. All work nicely together and no issues whatsoever.

  • I'm not a fan of it's prosumerness. It's like L1.5, which is probably fine if all you want are VLANs but doesn't offer you features you might want in the future.

    I'm more of a fan of just going used enterprise-type equipment. hp 1810 or 1910 are both sweet. I got a 16 port hp 1910 for 85$ CAD, and it's a L2.5 switch. It's a similar $/port, but it predicates on you finding used equipment cheaply.

  • It depends on where you put the switch, too and how much power it consumes. I have no tolerance for a noisy always-on fan. These Netgear switches are silent, no fans.

  • Thanks for the comments - much appreciated.

    As this is for use in a home environment I am really looking for something small and quiet - and I really only want it for VLAN capability.

    Add to this the fact that the market for cheap managed used switches in UK is really not very good - and I think I will go with the GS108E.  For £28 brand new, with lifetime warranty, added to which I have had good experiences with Netgear equipment in the past, it looks pretty good.

    Thanks again for the comments - I love pfS and the forum / support is incredible.

  • You can also consider Mikrotik RB250GS that is in the same price range but has web-managed interface..

  • Thanks for that - I hadn't seen the MicroTik one before - looks pretty good.

    Now the choice is 8 port Netgear or 5 port Microtik.

    Still leaning towards the Netgear with the extra ports, although I do prefer the controls on Microtik…  :)

  • @Gabri.91:

    You can also consider Mikrotik RB250GS that is in the same price range but has web-managed interface..

    I got one of those here on my desk, waiting to go in the IT scrap box. Coming from HP, the Vlan config on the Mikrotik just drove me nuts, and after a couple of hours, gave up & came to the conclusion that it isn't worth the trouble trying to get it working. There is a reason is costs around 30 quid. Search for the switch model and "vlan config"…

  • Newegg lists the NetGear GS108E as unmanaged.

    At home I have both NetGear GS108T Smart Switch and Cisco SG200-08 Smart Switch.  Both are currently under $100 USD.

    Think that is about the best price point you're likely to find for decent configurable switch (presumably for VLAN and/or port mirror capability).

  • Netgear lists the GS108E Prosafe Plus as managed. The GS108 is not managed.

    I am going ahead to buy the GS108E for £28 - around $43, which is very good for an 8 port managed switch.

  • You should look at other models if you are looking for a L2 managed switch. I have a GS116E myself, it's new duty after one week of cursing is a good looking dust-collector now. (hey, at least it is doing something  ::) )
    The 200-08 is a very good candidate with lots of features that actually work, but you might also want to take a peek at the TP-LINK range of managed switches… high feature/price ratio, especially if you go for >8 port models... just giving ideas here, it's you who have to do the home-work & compare 8)

  • Hi,

    I would suggest the HP ProCurve Switch V1810-8G v2.
    I have 3 of them for my home setup, they work very well.

    The average price in Swiss is CHF 80.-


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