Can't see hosts behind second gateway

  • Hi guys!

    I set up an OpenVPN Server on my pfSense 2.0.2. So far so good, I can connect and use the WAN. This is my setup:

    ISP modem –------ pfSense -------- DLink Router --------- PC's (192.168.0.x)
    external IP      - Server (

    OpenVPN is on If I now connect with a device to the VPN, it gets for example the Now I can ping the router (, or show webpages from the server via I also can ping FROM the Server ( to the device ( but I can't ping TO the server ( Every IP from DLink routers LAN (192.168.0.x) I can't ping. pfSense also can't ping, or trace them.

    I think the problem is, that pfSense don't knows where the 192.168.0.x addresses are. But I'm on my end to try to learn them.

    How can I learn pfSense to route all the 192.168.0.x addresses over the DLink router (, or where is my problem?

  • Well, as it seems he pfSense is working fine. I think the problem is, that the DLink router is a router with a NAT. So he can't route all from WAN to LAN. Accessing LAN via WAN seems impossible.

    If I setup a static route for with gateway in pfSense and try to ping, I can see on logs that there is an attemp to reach via the route, but nothing happens. So I think the DLink gets the order on his WAN to route the request to, but he says "no, I don't let you access the LAN subnet".

    Might this be the problem?

  • This was the problem! DLink Router can't route LAN IP's from the WAN side, to the LAN side!

    How to solve? -> connect the LAN from pfsense to a LAN of the router! Don't use WAN side anymore and DEACTIVATE (!!) DHCP and UPnP on router!

    Thats it!

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