Asterisk behind pfsense - QoS

  • Hello ,

    I have an Asterisk server behind pfsense on LAN .remote SIP clients are connected to asterisk via WAN interface.everything working perfect when there is no much traffic on WAN ..when ever i access a server on the LAN remotely (RDP) ,audio for a call getting seems that the traffic shaping which i configured through wizard,doesn't work well . can anybody help me to sort out the issue ?

    I have 2Mb upload/2Mb Download  dedicated internet access

    configuration screen shots as below

  • Did you try with different queuing algorithms (HFSC, PRIQ), what happens then!? or
    Try putting the asterisk box's ip address in the "upstream SIP Server" column.

  • You may want to consider use of limiters to reserve bandwidth for your VoIP traffic.  2/2 doesn't leave a lot of room to let the shaper work it out.

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