Help with LoadBalancing/VIP

  • I am trying to set up a LoadBalance for two apache web server instances.  However, when following a tutorial I found, putting the VIP on the WAN interface fails to show either instance up.

    Server Pool:                                pfSense IPs
    LAN:  192.xx.xx.0/24              Apache1:  192.xx.xx.240                        192.xx.xx.81
    WAN:  10.xx.xx.0/21                Apache2:  192.xx.xx.75                        10.xx.xx.200

    VIP:  10.xx.xx.201

    With the VIP on the WAN interface range, it shows both of my Apache instances as down and I get no load-balancing.  With the VIP on the LAN interface (I tested this on a flat network to confirm) I instantly get 100% availability on both apache instances, and load balancing works correctly.

    I'm guessing I missed something with NAT rules?  I think I put them in correctly, but my lack of a working solution would suggest otherwise.

    Appreciate any help that can be offered, and thank you in advance!

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