Upgraded to 2.0.3 Uploaded config from another machine Problems

  • I upgraded a 20 box to 2.0.3  went fine
    Then I uploaded my config from a different box with Captive portal and freeradius2 all configured .
    I had to hook up a screen and change the interfaces.
    When it booted and since I see all the services running but everyone is allowed through the portal?
    Is this because of something not re written in the CP config?

  • I suggest you chcek CP is enabled on the correct "pfSense interface" (OPTx, WLAN, …) and that maps to the correct physical interface (re1, ath0, ...) - check the Interfaces -> (assign) page.

  • I did  and rebooted  things sort of started to work.
    I had to disable Cp for now.
    I'm trying to use freeradius2 with mac auth on a lan with 20 clients.
    It's a small wisp. All the clients have a wireless radio , some have the router in the radio enabled some radios are bridged and they use their own router.
    Seems I'm having issues with witch device's mac address is actually sent in the packets to the Pfsense box.

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