NTOP won't install after 2.0.3 upgrade

  • Upgraded pfSense from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 last weekend.  After update NTOP was gone.  Have tried several times to install NTOP package via GUI Package Installer, but no success.  Have noticed that part of NTOP is running, as I can get into the NTOP Web GUI, and under pfSense "System Packages" it shows NTOP as installed, but under pfSense "Services" it's not showing up as a service any more.  Have searched forum and not found similar problem.  Anyone else having problems with NTOP after upgrade?  Are is there another package that would give me similar feature set as NTOP?  We use it to show/record overall bandwidth usage over time, specifically for a by-month view to show we are getting the pipe size we are paying for, and also as proof when we loose the commercial pipe.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    So it works, you just don't see an entry for it in services? It runs, you can access it, and it shows installed, just no services entry?

    That's really just a cosmetic thing and doesn't actually mean it isn't doing everything it should be, provided that it's actually running and gathering data.

    Uninstalling the package and installing it again should fix that. Or try pressing the "xml" button at the end of the row for ntop's package and see if that brings it back.

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