Session Expired Issue(account logout)

  • Hi Every One,

    I have a problem with pfsense on my network.Problem is my email account and some other general sites account logout automatically (not all sites) in a few second.I followed two solution but issue still remain.

    1-Sticky Connection
    2-add tcp/udp protocol in firewall on lan interface

    Note:I have two internet connection.Issue is that my wan ip switch and account logout or session expired.
    Any one have solution about this?plz share with me and one more thing that not happend with my gmail,hotmail or etc account.this thing happend with m
    my email id

  • Netgate Administrator

    You can add a policy route to make sure traffic for your email server always goes via one WAN.

    Add a new firewall rule on your LAN. Put the rule above your existing rule that allows traffic out so that it catches your mail traffic.

    Protocol: TCP
    Source: LANnet
    Destination: Your mail server IP (or an alias containing a range of IPs)
    Gateway: WAN1 gateway (this is a an advanced setting).

    Like you have said most email servers don't have a problem with mulitwan these days. Gmail hotmail etc, no problems.


    Edit: You have already asked this question twice. Both times I advised you to use a policy route.  ???

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