Multihoming Help

  • Okay my setup is fairly unique. Please bear with me

    I have the following setup (PS L5420s were cheap and were cheaper then a i5 low power box)

    ER1 - PfSense (Dual L5420 + 16gb RAM)
    ER2 - PfSense (Dual L5420 + 16gb RAM)

    IR1 - PFSense (Dual L5420 + 16gb RAM)
    IR2 - PFSense (Dual L5420 + 16gb RAM)

    ER1 and 2 are a CARP Pair in a Datacenter with some of my other servers

    IR1 and 2 are CARP Pair At my house.

    Right now i have this problem i serve some of my services from my house and i cant load balance them. i have excess commit bandwidth at the datacenter that could be used to help this. My problem is datacenter space is not cheap. I have 2 FIOS lines and a Comcast line at my house currently that server my traffic for locally hosted service. if i were to go down to 5 static ips on each from my current 25 each i could save enough money to have another line put it. what i was thinking was doing site to site vpn links (or something similar) and load balance across those to the house from the datacenter. would give me the ability to possible balance the links more evenly and still provide direct access to customers needing less latency.

    Is this possible? (All my IR traffic will go out to the net normally not route back thru to the datacenter)

    I do have the option of getting 2 private lines from my house to the dc for point to point traffic ( which is an option but slightly more expensive for me)

  • Would love to see a network diagram of this to get a better visual of what your trying to do.

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