IpSec VPN. There is no connection.

  • Hello! Sorry for my English. I have two PfSense in the different locations. I have IpSec VPN between two sites. The status IPSec VPN is green but computers can't ping each other. I've made the allowed rules on the firewall (firewall->rules->IPSec). There is no connection >:( Please, help me to solve this problem!

  • Are both firewalls able to ping each other? Opening up ICMP on the WAN between the two devices solved this for me.

  • Both firewalls can't ping each other. I've created two rules on both firewalls but It didn't help! You can see the rules that allow ping each other! Link: http://yadi.sk/d/KyrfD7q94ZRJi

  • Well if both devices can't ping each other, then that will need to be resolved.
    You also seem to be missing rules for ISKMP (500 UDP), AH, ESP and Nat-T (4500 UDP).
    I'm still learning my way around pfsense myself, but once I opened up the required ports on the WAN side filtering of both devices, the tunnel came up.

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