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  • Example: tracked interface = wan.

    Does "track interface" mean, that the delegated ip6 prefix (for example: /62 via DHCPv6-PD on WAN interface) is automatically used for SLAAC on the LAN interface? So a/64 is calculated ut of the delegated subnet and used for the LAN interface?

    What if i get a /62 via prefix delegation and have two LAN interfaces? Can I use tracking on both LAN interfaces? So LAN1 calculates a /64 out of the /62 and LAN 2 does the same thing?

    And what does IPv6 prefix ID mean?

    Sorry for my newbie questions :-)

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    track interface means that the interface will pull an IP from the delegated prefix and it's automatically setup for DHCP and SLAAC.

    The prefix for that will always be /64, so if you get a /62 from your provider, the prefix ID specifies which of the delegated prefixes to use where. The LAN would be using one ID, and your other internal interface would use a different prefix ID, etc.

    The ID may be up to your ISP, so you might have to ask them, but typically it just goes 0, 1, 2, 3 … d, e, f.

  • Thx for the fast respone!

    Is the "ID" the so called subnet id?
    from wikipedia ipv6 article:

    The network prefix (the routing prefix combined with the subnet id) is contained in the most significant 64 bits of the addres

    That seems to me logical. I use the provider give prefix and add my own subnet IDs...

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