Android, Google TV and youtube

  • Hi guys,

    Has anybody been successful with using Android's ability to send youtube videos to Google TV while behind pfsense 2.0.3? If I swap pfsense with stock Linksys, the trio (Android, GTV, youtube) works w/o any issues. With pfsense in place all that I'm getting is the error stating "There was an error trying to pair with your device. Please try again later."

    If it makes any difference, I have 2 WAN connections with routes based on internal interface (no load balancing or failover). In addition, there is squid3 and pfBlocker.

    Any feedback appreciated

  • Do you have UPNP enabled?

  • Yes, I do.

  • Finally got a chance to sit down and take a deeper look at this issue…

    Turns out that it's squid3 package (Proxy Server) that is blocking GTV's youtube from functioning properly. After I disabled squid proxy everything started to work.

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