Alix + SanDisk ad0: FAILURE - READ status=51<ready,dsc,error>…</ready,dsc,error>

  • Hello!

    I just wanted to setup some new Alix-boards as pfsense routers, I just saw that I get lots of

    ad0: FAILURE - READ status=51 <ready,dsc,error>error=10 <nid_not_found>LBA=7813119</nid_not_found></ready,dsc,error>

    messages at boot.
    If I remember right, I never saw this error before and I´ve allready setup alix-boards with pfsense 2.x.
    What I have changed until then was that i bought new ScanDisk Ultra CF 4GB media.

    I 've just tested with an older SanDisk UltraII CF 1G with a fresh installed pfsense 2.0.3 image - I got none of the above error

    Maybe the 4G image is damaged?

    I am still trying,bye,

  • Just installed the 4GB CF with the 1GB-image and got the same error :-(.

    Looks like it is a hardware compatibility problem.

    But is is just a glitch or is this error a big problem that has an impact on reliability of pfsense?

    Every hint is welcome, bye

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