Virtualbox 2NIC installation problem w/ DD-WRT Router

  • hello newbie here..
    I have setup a virtualbox pfsense with 2NICS onboard and a PCI NIC

    here is my diagram.

    ISP->Onboard NIC(WAN) DHCP Enable
    PCI NIC(LAN)->DD-WRT Router(DIR-600)

    my problem is i can't access the internet and i don't have a switch that's why i directly connected my PIC NIC to dd-wrt router's LAN PORT(1)

  • @margibs:

    my problem is i can't access the internet

    Please help us to help you by proving more details:
    Can't access the internet from where?
    How did you attempt to access the internet? (ping? ftp? http? telnet? ssh? …)
    What was reported when you attempted the access?

  • I have 2 PC connected to my router.

    both can't access the Internet but they can access both routers

    I'm using pfsense on virtualbox 2 NICS

  • Netgate Administrator

    Have you disabled DHCP on the dd-wrt box?

    Can you ping something on the internet from the pfSense box? Via the webgui perhaps? Is it showing the WAN connection as online on the dashboard?


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    ^ my guess as well.  If you don't disable dhcp on dd-wrt, then it would point to it as gateway - from your setup there is nothing connected to wan of dd-wrt.

    From a client that is trying to use the internet - lets see its config..  ip/mask gw and dns

    And yup - can pfsense get to the internet?

  • yup i have disable DHCP on dd-wrt and on the advanced routing tab i set it on router (default gateway)
    on pfsense GUI the WAN connection and the LAN is up

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