Interface assignment shuffled on vlan interface change

  • Hello, I noticed that when I change which interface a vlan belong to on the Vlan assignment page.  The logical interface assigned to that vlan gets shuffled to the first available physical interface on the interface assignment page.  This seems like a bug to me, but I guess it sort of makes sense that if the interface name changes, the system cannot really guess what it should use.

    Since vlans have a standard naming scheme, it seems like a regex could make that guess with a high probability of success though.

    If I reassign vlan10 from fx0 to em2,  the interface name goes from fx0_vlan10 to em2_vlan10, the logical interface reload code could look for ".*_vlan10$" when it notices that fx0_vlan10 no longer exists, instead of picking the first available physical interface.

    If anyone else thinks this is a valid feature enhancement for the future I can submit it to redmine.

    At there very least maybe there should just be a notice displayed after vlan interface changes that tells the user to double check all assignments on the interfaces assignment tab.  It might save a few posts to the form.

  • @stompro:

    If I reassign vlan10 from fx0 to em2,   the interface name goes from fx0_vlan10 to em2_vlan10,

    Please describe exactly what you mean by "reassign vlan10 from fx0 to em2". VLAN numbers are not global assignments, they are local to a physical interface. Thus VLAN 10 on fxp0 is a distinct VLAN from VLAN 10 on em2. Is suspect if you are "moving" a VLAN from one physical interface to another, the proper course is to delete the original VLAN interface then create a new VLAN on the correct physical interface.

  • Hello Wallabybob, here is what I'm doing.

    • Interfaces->assign->vlans

    • Edit an existing vlan

    • Change the parent interface to a different physical interface and save.  The save takes place instantly, no applying.

    • Look at the Interface Assignments

    • Notice that the logical interface that was assigned to the vlan that I changed has been switched to the first available interface, which on my system is a physical interface, and not the correct choice.

    If the correct action is to create a new vlan, then maybe there shouldn't be an option to change the interface when editing the vlan, to force the correct usage.  I do see that if I just created all new vlan's for the new interface, then went and changed all the logical interface assignments, and then moved the cable I could make the change sort of atomic.

    I don't really see what difference it makes though.  The system does keep you from moving a vlan to a physical interface that already has that VLAN tag assigned, so changing the interface vs creating new seems like the same thing to me, other than if you are trying to make the change atomic.

    It seems like there will then be no non tedious option for changing a vlan trunk port from one physical interface to another via the GUI.  It be great if there were selection boxes and a "move all selected vlan's to physical interface x" option, that would keep the correct logical interface assignments also.


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