• I use OpenBGPd to connect to Internet.
    It is disconnecting randomly. Status page still shows its up when it is disconnected.
    I have to run /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start manually each time when it disconnect.

    Is there a way to auto reconnect a BGP session when it is down?

  • There is not enough information here to help with anything.
    You need to be more detailed and provide config and logs.

  • Hi,

    I guess that your daemon crashes and in your Systemlogs => Routing is something written as "route already set"…
    Sometime this happened here, too (first BGP then with OSPF) when setting it up.

    It can be also a problem that you have multiple gateways and one or more gateway groups (BGP with single leased line would not make sense ^^)...
    If your firewalls think that gateways are down they reroute the default gw... but now it has to be the task of bgpd and not pfSense failover scripts ;)

  • Thanks guys.

    I addressed the disconnecting problem, it was my hardware.

    I tried 2.0.3 32-bit and 2.1 beta 32-bit on 2 different J&W MINIX™ D2550-HD, same issue.

    When I replaced the motherboard with a Supermicro X9SCA-F, it's all working fine. No disconnection in 3 days.

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