Ipsec Performance on Soekris 6501-50

  • I am using the Soekris 6501-50 series board (Atom 1Ghz, 1Gb DDR2) with PFSense 2.0.3.

    I am testing IPsec throughput and I am getting about 30mbps @ about 50% CPU utilization on a single tunnel (AES128 SHA1).  I have tuned my tunnel (disabled "prefer old IPsec SAs", set MSS size to 1300) as best as I believe I can at this point, and I think this is the best performance I can hope for over IPsec.  The same test done without using IPsec gets as high as 250mbps @ 35% CPU utilization

    From what I can tell, this is probably about right for the capabilities of the hardware/processor, but I am curious as to others experience with this hardware and it's performance with IPsec.

    If anyone has experience with this hardware and using IPsec, I would be happy to hear about your experience in regards to performance.

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