VLAN configuration, need suggestions.

  • I've just finished setting up a 20 AP WLAN, 10 Outdoor APs and 10 Indoor APs. Scattered throughout the multibuilding complex, I have 10 ToughSwitches. I also have a two router/firewalls (one is for hardware redudancy) running pfSense. What I would like is to create four seperate networks. Two wireless networks (one open + one secured), one management network, and one internal wired network. It's been a long time since I worked with VLANs and could use a refresher.

    Here is the traffic I would like to allow

    Open WIFI <-> WAN
    Secured WIFI <-> WAN
    Internal LAN <-> WAN
    Management network <-> Internal wired network

  • First thing you are going to need to do is figure out how many IPs you are going to need per VLAN. Once you do that then you will create the VLANs on your Pfsense router and give them IPs and setup your rules. Then you will create the VLANs on your switches. I would think about how many users you have today and how many you think you might have tomorrow. Then make a network diagram and post it here that way people can help you better.

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