New installation on HP server - error /mnt/usr

  • Hi,
    i'm trying to install new version (2.0.3) of PfSense on HP ML350 G6.
    Previously on the same server was installed version 2.0.1 of PfSense, but after an HW upgrade (have been added 4 HP NIC of 4 Port plus 2 integrated port + 1 NIC of 1 port HP, totally of 10 eth port) the new installation, booting from USB, hangs at 35% on command /bin/usr/cpdup -vvv -I -o /usr /mnt/usr… but the progress indicator (|, -, /, ) continues to rotate ...

    Do you have any solutions or suggests?


  • SOLVED!!!
    Tomorrow, I post my solution!!!

    Thx anyway!!!

  • space_new,

    I'm running into a similar issue; did you by change get some time to post the resolution to your issue?


  • I'm really interested to this solution, i have exactly the same hp server. Please post-it!


  • Netgate Administrator

    A number of people have reported getting around similar problems by disabling hyperthreading and virtualisation options in the bios during installation. You can enable them again after installation.


  • UPDATE…  For me, disabling the built-in Broadcom NICs in the BIOS for the duration of the installation processed seemed the resolve the issue.


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