Cannot get the second WAN interface working

  • I'm not having the greatest luck setting up a failover system.

    I've got two WAN ports that I'm using and both are in different tiers. One is tier one and the other in tier two.
    For the current setup, I have it behind a router because I'm using pfSense to play with. I have WAN1 set for and WAN2 set for The router's gateway is For some reason, I cannot set both WANs to use the same gateway.

    I get this error:

    Any ideas?

  • and are the same network. You can not have two or more interfaces in a machine belonging to or defining the same network. It is an ambiguous configuration and can not work. Change one of them.

  • Hey ImageJPEG

    Like gderf said, you cannot have two gateways with the same IP. Instead what you want to do is assign unique gateways, even if you want them as seperate LANS, you can do this later by simply assigning a firewall rule to block any outgoing and incoming connections with the two.

    Just a questions, are you using internal IPs are examples or are you trying to setup LANs?

    If you are trying to setup LANs you can use

    LAN1 -
    LAN2 -

    As far as WANs you can use whatever information your ISP gave you, usually in your CIDR.


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