Dual LAN to Single WAN

  • Nope still a problem. Damn thing searches Google just fine but then passes no other traffic. Weird.

    Well copying the default  "LAN net" firewall rule from the LAN interface to OPT1 seems to have fixed it. Still weird stuff.

    PFSense noob here.
    Version: 2.0.3-RELEASE (i386)

    I have network experience in the home and small business area and working with consumer to small business routers.

    PFSense is new to me and I am having a problem in testing.

    I have two LAN interfaces, LAN and OPT1 set up with static IPs on the same subnet (172.20.2.x/24) with LAN on .83 and OPT1 on .84.

    The WAN connection is connecting through my modem. When a test PC has its gateway (GW) set to .83 the Internet works fine. When I switch it to .84 I cannot reach the Internet. I.e. I can connect to the WAN through PFSense using LAN/.83 but not OPT1/.84. Internal PING allows pings on OPT1 to Google but not the rest of the Internet. I have other GWs on my network and when I use their settings the PC connects just fine so I don´t believe it is the PC.

    The goal is to have both LAN and OPT1 direct traffic to the WAN connection.

    What am I missing? Don´t need step by step just pointed in the general direction. Thanks in advance.

    1. Each network (LAN and OPT1) need to be a completely different IP subnet - e.g. keep LAN as (pfSense LAN IP and make OPT1 (pfSense OPT1 IP Otherwise the routing will get very confused about where packets need to be delivered.
    2. An "allow all" rule is automatically put on LAN by default. Other interfaces have all incoming connect requests blocked. So yes, you have to add pass rules on other interfaces to let any traffic happen (e.g. as you say, put an "allow all" rule on OPT1, just like LAN).

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