Use Two Comcast lines

  • I have a Residential Blast Plan. I have a need for Static IP and other Business Class only stuff.

    So I want to get a second line-modem with a basic business class package and a block of IPs. As that will cost me around 90 per month I want to load balance and or bundle them or???

    I don't want to give my fast connection, business class would cost 3X for same. What can I do with pfSense to make this a useful idea?

    Or is this just not going to fly?

  • Hi skygizmo
    What are you trying to accomplish?
    If it is redundancy, having to Comcast connections probably wont give you what you are looking for.

    If it is bandwidth + ip block, i would look at the business plans tiers (pricing and such) and see if it cost effective instead of two different packages.
    If you then are trying split a home network and business network, that can be accomplished with pfsense and a managed switch.

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