Several Questions about PFSense

  • Hello everyone, I am new at PFSense and would like to ask a few questions. I didn't know which section to post this in so I thought this one would work.

    Let me give some background first, I have a old Pentium D system laying around with 2GB of RAM in it. I have always wanted to build my own router like device just for being able to say I built it.

    I want the system to have 5 Gigabit Network adapters and be able to do Dual Band Wireless (N standard if possible), the wireless card I am looking at is a Dual Band card (this one to be exact)

    My questions are;

    1, Will PFSense work with that wireless card? I see that Atheros is supported but cant find any real solid information about that card and PFSense, I would like to get a Broadcom BCM4360 but I can't find any for sell, maybe there not released yet.

    2, The system that I am using the motherboard has two network ports on it, both of which are Gigabit, I am wanting to put my Modem on the first one as the WAN port and the other as my home Server, then on the other network cards have them go to my various systems in my home. so each network card would go to a switch. Can this be done? Would there be any slow down or would this type of setup cause problems? The cards to be added are normal PCI cards.

    I attempted this project about two years ago with an older system but I was never able to put any real time into it, I have recently decided to give that machine another go and would like to get away from normal store bought routers and have something that has a lot more features.

    Any help anyone could give me would be amazing and I appreciate any reply.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    sure you can add nics to your pc..  Then sure use those as network segments - you can put in as many nics as your pc will handle.  I have currently 4 assigned to my vm of pfsense.  wan, lan, wlan and dmz.

    I just run an AP off my wlan segment..  Just never saw the point of using a wireless card in the router as your AP.  Just use a normal AP or wireless router as AP and connect it to that network segment.  Pfsense and wireless not a good fit of as of yet from everything read on the forums.

    wireless cards normally don't make good AccessPoints anyway.

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