• First off, thanks for providing such a superb product!

    I've recently installed pfSense onto an old PC and was looking at ways of making a bit more use of the hardware (AMD X2 5600+, 4GB RAM, 640GB + 1TB HDD).
    Owncloud would be very useful to me as it provides easy access to data from all operating systems on my lan and for my guests.
    My idea is to create a couple of jails, one running owncloud, the other mysql. The database will only be accessible from the owncloud IP, and the owncloud IP will only be accessible from the lan/selected external IPs. The NAS data partition(s) would be mounted via nullfs into the owncloud jail.
    I prefer routable IPs for my lan and would therefore put the jails on a non-routable vlan setup.

    Is this a stupid idea :-\ (bearing in mind it's a home network)

    Can I use gpt during the installation or would it just be easier to do a dump/restore from a working setup?

    Thanks for any advice.

  • Netgate Administrator

    By far the best way to do this is to run both pfSense and your NAS product here virtualised. That way you minimise any customisation to pfSense which you will have to maintain.