Problem with SIP softphone behind router

  • Hi! We have changed to voip supplied by our ISP. The DSL router has ip There is a POE switch connected to the router that has all SIP phones wired. Sip phones ips get by dhcp ips in and they works fine. The problem comes here: our pfsense router is on WAN and on LAN. All our computers are on LAN side of pfsense and the softphone (siemens netscape) connects fine and can make and receive calls, but when if we make a call from softphone to phone or from phone to softphone, it rings fine, you can answer but there is no voice in neither way. I've tried by setting manual outbound and setting static port for 5060 (all possible combinations, Wan interface, src port, dst port,…) but not way to get sound between phones and softphones. Somewhere I've readed that maybe a problem with g711 codec, but can't figure out how to handle this.

    I would appreciate any idea. Thanks in advance

  • This might be something manual outbound nat can solve. Have your tried using this?

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