FreeRadius 2 accounting port 1813 not listening

  • I have enabled free radius 2 for accounting on port 1813 .. I added the rule to allow connection on port 1813 for LAN and WAN but I can't telnet the port.

    Any Idea?

  • @moh10ly:

    I can't telnet the port.

    What does telnet report when you attempt the access? (The telnet report will almost always be more informative than the executive summary "can't telnet".)

    Is the radius server running? Where is it running? Does it require configuration to allow access from the IP access on which you are attempting the access? …

  • When starting the RADIUS server with

    radiusd -X

    it must show you at the end the ports on which the server is listening. If it shows you the accouting port and interfaces and tells you "Ready to process requests" then the server is probably ok and running.
    More information will be shown on syslog if you enable logging on freeradius –> settings.

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