Traffic Shaper Queues stats are strange

  • I upgraded from 2.0.2 to the 5/10 build of 2.1 this past weekend (actually, clean install on a new box with a hand-entered config, "migrated" is probably a better word) and while I like the new traffic shaper queues page, I'm not 100% sure it's accurate.

    If you look at the attachment, you'll see that I've got 1.44Gbit/s in qLow on WAN and 950Mbit/s in qLow on LAN, and since I've got a connection that at full steam is 42/35, that's not possibly correct.  It takes several minutes before the screen starts to show what I'd consider reasonable values, but even then, it seems like the data is smoothed out over a REALLY long period because testing 30-40Mbit/s uploads and downloads for 30 seconds at a time in each queue rarely register as more than 3-4Mbit/s.

  • I'll second this issue.  Sometimes I load the Queue's graph and the numbers look reasonable even though smoothing looks too aggressive.  And other times my Wan says it has 200Mbps when the provision is for 5Mbps.  No way to reset the numbers.

    Be helpful to know the file that defines the averaging of values in the graph columns.  I'd like the Bandwidth column to average over maybe 3 to 5 samples since the interval is 5 seconds.

    Appreciate the help…

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