Single ethernet port setup using a managed switch and Vlans

  • I just wanted to know if something like this is possible before I waste time on it.

    [Managed Switch]
             |–-Port 1/Vlan 10: Modem in bridge mode
             |---Port 2/Vlan 10+20+30: PFsense router
             |---Port 3/Vlan 20: Wifi
             |---Port 4/Vlan 30: LAN

    I want to connect the modem to port 1 set as VLAN 10.
    The pfsense box would be connected to port 2 and trunked to VLANs 10,20, and 30.
    Port 3 would be connected to a wireless access point.
    Port 4 would be set for the LAN interface.

    Does any of this make sense or am I just being an idiot?


  • That looks fine to me. You then configure three VLAN interfaces on pfSense, one for each of the different VLAN IDs.

  • Thank you,
    Its the first time that the entire concept of VLANs actually clicked for me so I am just a bit unsure of what is and isn't possible with them.

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