Native IPv6 on 2 interfaces

  • Hi all,

    what might be the best solution to provide ipv6 in the following scenario:
    Provider -> NativeIPv6 subnet > [WAN] pfSense [LAN]  -> Server1
                                    -> Server2
                                    -> Server3

    My providers offers me an completely native IPv6 subnet. I have already got some experiences about IPv6 but i am not sure how to realize that with pfSense. So i want to split my IPv6-subnet in different subnets (i have got a /64 one, so there are enough of them :-) ). What i found out is that i could you some kind of GIF-Interface to provide an ipv6-tunnel.

    But i want to give the maschines on the different LAN-Interface access to that ipv6-subnet. I thought if i could use an native ipv6-adress on my needed ipv4-interface (dual-stacked…) i could maybe simple NAT, even if i know this isn't my best option using ipv6.

    What would you suggest?

    //Edit: One additional question: Is it possilbe (i think i have to use the last beta-release) to migrate my stalbe 2.1 configuration to the beta-version? Or will it be keeped after updating?


  • If you have native IPv6 on 2 wan interfaces you will have to resort to NPt for now. There is no real other solution yet, except getting BGP.

    Which I can recommend but is likely outside the budget.

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