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    We are setting up a PFSense in a site that has two WANs and an internal mail server. Mail server must use the one of the WANs to send mail. Do I need an manual outbound NAT for this or just a firewall LAN>WAN rule?

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  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    A rule on LAN with a gateway set will direct outbound connections to a specific WAN.

    Outbound NAT only controls what happens to traffic as it leaves a specific WAN. If you need the mail server to use a specific VIP on a WAN, then you'd need outbound NAT or 1:1 setup for that.

    WAN rules only control inbound.

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    No, I don't need to use a VIP (I have one static IP per WAN). I need the mail server to use the specific WAN to send mail outside and if this line is down, it will not send.

    So I need a LAN to WAN rule.

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