(RESOLVED) 16th snap not showing ip in traffic graph

  • im on the 16th may nanobsd snap and the traffic graph for wan, lan and wifi not showing any ip in the table on the right where it says host ip, bandwidth in/out

  • traffic shaper queues also not populating

  • For the record, Wed May 15 13:19:07 EDT 2013 is showing IPs in the traffic graph bandwidth in/out table.
    I will update test system to latest snap and report back…
    Edit: The traffic graph bandwidth in/out table is working for me on snap of Thu May 16 01:01:12 EDT 2013
    So it is not a "hard bug" - something related to your particular configuration?

  • was working for me when on 15th, i upgraded and its dead, i didnt change anything in my config, just the upgrade

    EDIT: my firefox had upgraded and i guess that was causing it, i deleted cache and tried and both show fine now

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