Please start bandwidthd to populate this directory

  • There are many threads related to this issue, so I'm posting this find/workaround since it may lower the blood pressure of a few users.

    I just upgraded to 2.0.3-RELEASE (amd64) and I am getting this renown misbehavior when I click on the 'Services…BandwidthD...Access BandwidthD' tab.

    I found that if I change the web administration interface from HTTPS to HTTP (System...Advanced...Admin Access...Protocol), the problem does not occur.  This is definitely a workaround and not a fix.

    I'm sure this 'HTTPS versus HTTP' angle is correlated to the following, currently unresolved bug:

    If you must use HTTPS in your environment, then as the bug report conveys, you need to manually append index.html (not just .htm…but .html) in your browser's URL after you receive the webpage with the "Please start bandwidthd to populate this directory" message.

    Update:  Out of curiosity, I just switched back to HTTPS and the problem no longer occurs.  So it looks like toggling to HTTP and then back to HTTPS may resolve this issue for some users.

  • Reported by marceloviana on Yesterday at 16:31:18. They left the following message:

    I used this line in console for resolved: /usr/pbi/bandwidthd-amd64/bandwidthd/bandwidthd