New 100/15 Line. Only seeing ~35Mbps across firewall, ~95Mbps without.

  • I have a pfsense box with the following hardware:

    Intel® Server Board S1200KPR
    Intel PRO/1000 Pt Dual Port Server Adapter
    Intel Core i3 3220
    8GB DDR3 RAM

    I'm only seeing about a third of the bandwidth that I am supposed to be receiving. Computers directly connected to the modem are seeing upwards of 85-95 Mbps. Any ideas? My hardware should comfortably support a HUGE pipe.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Check for a duplex/speed mismatch across one or other of your interfaces. Probably from the modem to pfSense. Some modems are supplied fixed at 100M FD and pfSense will attempt to auto-negatiate, fail, and fall back to half duplex.

    Run a test from the pfSense box itself to find out if the limit is on WAN or LAN. E.g.:

    [2.0.3-release][]/root(2): fetch -o /dev/null
    /dev/null                                     100% of   50 MB 1961 kBps 00m00s

    Obviously that site may not be close to you so choose one that is.


  • @vbman213:

    Any ideas?

    check MTU on WAN as well

    My hardware should comfortably support a HUGE pipe.

    yes, this is WAY overkill, a atom can route this easily, are you running any packages or other things on the box that you need this?

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