NAT with TWO WAN interfaces [SOLVED]

  • Hello pfSense Forum

    I have what I thought would be a fairly straight forward set up, but trying to use NAT on two interfaces is giving me some head ache.

    The basics of my config

    LAN INT:
    WAN: 173.11.311.311 (obfuscated to no workie)
    OPT1: 173.228.411.411 (same)

    I have NAT mapping working BEAUTIFULLY on my default WAN (WAN) interface. If I attempt to set up port forwards for NAT by-way-of OPT1, I can see SYN_RCVD connections form outside host, but the route back seems to get lost, thinking that it is something to do with the default route being on the WAN.

    If I packet cap on each interface, this is what I see:

    On WAN
    IP 173.228.441.441.80 > tcp 0 (The 173.228 addr is the addr o the OPT1 interface!!!)

    On OPT1
    IP > 173.228.411.411.80: tcp 0 (This is the inbound to NAT traversal

    On LAN
    IP > tcp 0 (10.48.XX.XX is my internal dest host that currently shows the SYN_RCVD)

    I would be happy to provide more info, just wasn't sure where to stop and where to begin.

    Thanks for any thoughts in advance!


  • Problem solved:

    OPT1 was missing gateway declaration in OPT1 Interface settings.

    Once I defined the next hop router (towards cloud) as the gateway, NAT worked.

    doh. ;D

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