Manual update as hyperlink

  • I've got into the habit of keeping my test 2.1 VM up to date with the latest snapshot, which happens almost every day.

    I prefer to manually download the snap and save it, rather than wait for a (sometimes) very slow automatic download.  With a few packages under test, the update takes long enough.

    Selfish question:

    Could the URL on the manual update page be made into a hyperlink that opens in a new window?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    What URL on the manual update page? There aren't any links there.

    Any it couldn't link to the defined auto-update URL since that is usually configured to not allow directory listings (though it does currently on the snapshots server, don't count on that always working).

    Usually the auto-update download is faster overall, unless maybe you have multi-wan and your non-default gateway is faster.

  • Yes, sorry, not on the Manual Update tab but the Auto Update tab but thanks for answering.

  • On a related note, one can check the pfsense git repository and if there are only updates to pfSense php / bash scripts i.e. no new binaries, one can use GIT to sync to the latest code. That procedure typically takes only a few seconds, even on slow links.

    That's how I update my pfsense 2.1 several times every day.

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