2.0.3 upgrade on ALIX board

  • Hi All,

    have upgraded from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 on an ALIX board. System came back up ok and tells me "packages are being reinstalled in the background". This has been going on now for about 1.5hrs. What's the expected reinstallation time for packages on an ALIX board. I use a vanilla pfsense distribution and have captive portal enabled and am running freeradius2. Right now, freeradius still seems inoperable (service is stopped and selecting services->freeradius results in error messages. All of that normal or should I get concerned :-) ?


  • Sometimes the Alix with 256MB memory runs out of memory when downloading/installing packages, so the full package reload can die with killed "out of swap space" (= out of real memory on this hardware, there is no swap file). Look in the system log and see if you have any messages like that.
    After a few hours waiting, you can clear the package lock (I think it is in Diagnostics->NanoBSD) then go to System->Packages and install the things that did not install (or do a reinstall all packages).

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