Reduce load when processing many lists of IP Addresses

  • My pfSense box has ~50 lists of IP address that load from Aliases (inc ½ from pfBlocker) into my Rules.

    Some of the lists have Tens or Hundreds of Thousands of - individual IP addresses (90%) and CIDRs (10%).
    Most of the individual IPs are contiguous and could be converted into CIDR notation.

    Q) Would I improve my reload times if I converted contiguous IPs into CIDR notation?

    Thank you.

    for ref:
    Adding a list of 100k IPs can add a couple of seconds to my filter reload time.
    Hardware = Pentium D w/ 4GB RAM (avg ~21% usage)
    Systems are 2.0.3 (i386), running squid3/squidGuard but not much else.

  • You will reduce filter reload times to some extent. How much depends on how big your lists are currently and how much aggregating shrinks them.

  • That's helpful, thank you.

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