Redirect traffic from internal ip to external ip directly to server

  • Dear Community

    Normally I use Nat Reflection to be able to connect from the internal network to the external ip. This way it is redirected to the server.
    But now I have a special problem.

    When I log in over openvpn I want to be able to use the external ip to connect to the internal server but
    the server should not be reachable from the outside, when not connected to vpn.
    For a normal lan client I would just say in Nat: Source: Destination WAN –-> Redirect Internal Server IP
    But the VPN Client keeps its external IP as source. Therfore this is not possible.
    Is it possible to somehow redirect traffic to an internal ip that comes from an openvpn client to the wan adress?? Probably Outbound Nat.

    If yes I would need step by step instructions as I have never worked with virtual ips and outbound nat before.

    Or easy: If someone from the VPN Client tries to reach the external ip, he shoud automatically be forwarded to the internal server ip.
    Is someone able to sort this thing out?


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