Choosing a motherboard for my pfsense build (To the hardware I already have)

  • Hi

    I need help choosing a motherboard for my pfsense build. (To the hardware I already have)
    It would be really god if I can get it in Sweden (so I don't ned to transport it all the way from etc USA )

    I have an i3 3240 and 8gig ddr3 (non ecc) , 450watt power source, and a tower for micro ATX (mini arc) ,For cooling it will be a antc h20 620

    now I need a motherboard, preferably with two network connections (I have two Intel Ethernet Server Adapter I350-T2 which I will put in with, but more is better;-)

    I've tested with two super micro motherboard, but after rebooting, I get memory error (same error on both) this card
    Supermicro Server MB Supermicro MBD-X9

    can anyone help me find a decent motherboard  that works with my hardware?

    I'm so pissed that this has dragged on for reclamations (super micro wanted to check that it was indeed the boards  before they repaid, ( have taken a loooong time)

    Sincerely, / Chali

  • The reason you are getting a memory error is because most Super Micro server motherboards only support ECC RAM. Some do provide support for non ECC but not all of them.

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