Ntop OK for CF flash cards?

  • Hello,

    Is it safe to run ntop on a CF flash card?  I thought I've burned out a CF flash before with bandwidthd.

    Is there a way to have ntop or pftop take text-only snapshots of traffic (avoiding heavy storage usage), or is there some other package that could take bandwidth snapshots onto CF flash cards?

    It would be nice to see what host is using bandwidth at what time.

  • On nanoBSD CF-card systems, bandwidthd now stores all its data in /var/bandwidthd on the memory-disk. So the CF card remains read-only. When you reboot the bandwidthd data goes in the bit-bucket.
    I was intending to add an option to save that data to the CF card at a user-specified interval (like you can do for RRD dat) and reload it during startup, but I have been busy with other upgrades/installs of non-pfSense stuff, so haven't got around to it. If anyone else wants to work on that, feel free to submit on GitHub ;)

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