Need help - Unable to set static IP for WAN

  • Hi,

    I'm having problem trying to set static IP given by my ISP on WAN.

    The following are the static IP information given by my ISP:
    IP Address : 103.247.AAA.xx9  
    Subnet Mask :  
    Default Gateway : 103.247.AAA.1

    What I set for static WAN on pfsense:
    IP address: 103.247.AAA.xx9/32
    Add a new Gateway: 103.247.AAA.1 (set as default)

    However, it's doesn't seems to work. I can't browse the internet.

    When I check the system log, I see the error message: 'kernel: arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo for 103.247.AAA.1'.

    In addition, when I check the status of the added gateway, it is shown as 'offline'.

    What can be the problem?  :'(

    Thanks in advance.

  • In the information supplied by your ISP you have:
    Subnet Mask :

    But what you are setting on the WAN interface is:
    IP address: 103.247.AAA.xx9/32

    These are not consistent because is /24

    Try changing your WAN netmask to or /24

  • Oh wow… Thanks. You are a life-saver.  ;D

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