Can't see hosts in LAN

  • I'm running pfsense version 2.0.3-release on an ALIX board. The LAN interface is a bridge composed of the WAN and OPT1 interfaces, with a DHCP server. The IP of the bridge is and the netmask

    The WAN and OPT1 interfaces are enabled, but no IP are assigned to them.  The WAN interface is acting as an access point, with IBSS enable, and WPA.

    All the physical computers in the LAN can connect to the network, and obtain an IP from the DHCP server.  They can ping/ssh the router, and access internet correctly. From the router I can ping/ssh all the hosts on the network.

    However, a given host can't ping anything inside the LAN except the router.  Also (and probably related), I've a couple of VMs running inside one computer (with VMWare Fusion), their network interface is configured to be bridge with the wi-fi card, and they can't obtain an IP from the router.

    At this point, all the clients are connected via the WAN card, some hosts will be connected to the router via the OPT1 interface soon (and I don't want a separate network).

    Here's some more information about the router:

    I don't see anything wrong that would prevent the hosts to see/communicate with each other.

    I'm happy to provide any additional information. Thanks!

  • I've plugged a NAS in the ethernet port of the router, and I've no problem to ping it from the network.  Sadly I can't log into the NAS to run a ping from it to the wireless hosts.

    I'm starting to assume it has something to do with the wireless network.

  • I am confused by the description of your network configuration. Please provide
    1 a network diagram including IP addresses and network masks of interaces, identifying particular hosts on that diagram that can't communicate;
    2 output of pfSense shell commands```
    /etc/rc.banner ; ifconfig

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