Routing Protocol Preference

  • I ran into a interesting problem over the weekend setting up a site to site VPN that you can read about here,51485.0.html but it got me to think about what is the order of routing protocols on the Pfsense Platform (FreeBSD). Coming from the Cisco world I have always understood it to be:

    1. Directly connected Links - administrative distance 0
    2. Static Route - administrative distance 1
    3. BGP - administrative distance 4
    4. EIGRP (Proprietary to Cisco) - administrative distance 90
    5. OSPF - administrative distance 110
    6. RIP - administrative distance 120

    Just wanted to make sure that this is still the case. And if it is, this leads me to my next question. Am I able to change the administrative distance of each route or adjust the cost of a route? I know Pfsense is a firewall first, router second but like I said I ran into this problem over the weekend and it just got me to thinking.



  • hi Mike,

    if you use quagga ospf you can setup a link cost in the interface settings to prefer one link instead another(link state).
    in bgp(path vector) you can set the local preference(cisco use 1st weight and then local preference).
    for the other route you are correct connected is before static and so on.


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